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Insatiable II (1984)


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"I'm not quite ready yet to give up," Marilyn Chambers says, to questions about her retiring. "When my body gives out, or my face maybe... But plastic surgery is terrific. They can lift your face, your ass, tighten your snatch... If it comes to that, I'll go for it."

But fact is, Marilyn Chambers looks as good as ever, her boyish athletic figure appealing to bisexual men as well as men with pubescent dreams: She still shaves her snatch completely bare.

"People think I'm forty years old because I've been around this business so long. But I get better. The older I get, the hornier I get. And audiences know it too..."

As queen of porn, Marilyn loves seeing sex movies as well as making them. "When I look at an X-rated film there are certain scenes that really turn me on, so I skip the rest of the crap and turn it on and masturbate. That's what adult cinema is all about!"

And she's done all right for herself, parlaying her super-pussy into cable and video businesses, a couple of homes and a lifestyle described as the All-American Wet Dream. And she has no guilty feelings.

"The only guilt trip is getting my pussy eaten. I can't relax, lie back and enjoy it because I feel so selfish. I don't go much for girl-girl sex, although I do 'em on screen. I like it better with a guy and a girl in a three-way like the scene I do in INSATIABLE II."

It's also pretty obvious, from scenes in her movies, that Marilyn loves to be dominated (as in the scene, in both INSATIABLE and INSATIABLE II where she is face-fucked on a pool table). She says:

"I like a dominant man - I'll do anything he wants. Once I had twenty men at once, all in the same room, everybody watching. It was a blast... As soon as a guy says he's gonna cum - that's when I want to explode!" And as soon as you see Marilyn Chambers on screen, you'll want to explode too.


Five years after she made one of her much-publicized comeback in INSATIABLE, Marilyn Chambers has come up with a sequel, INSATIABLE II (for theater and video release by Caballero Control Corp.), that's just as hot. And the reasons are multiple and multi-sexed.
For one thing, a couple of Marilyn's most memorable scenes from that earlier flick are relayed in this one, as she recalls past sex experiences. As the well-heeled (and well screwed) society bitch Sandra Chase, she lost her cherry to a lowly gardner who took his resentment against class distinctions by ravaging her high-class ass and fucking her face.

In that memorable scene, her repeated, the gardner slams Sandra (Marilyn) across a pool table and eats her clean-shaven cherry pie, making her beg for more. "You rich slut, beg for it!" the gardner orders, waving his swollen tuber in her baby blue eyes. When she implores him to stop teasing and fucking her, he pistol whips her beautiful face with his hard dick. "Say thank you, you snooty bitch."

She climaxes with one of the steamiest female subjugation scenes ever filmed: Marilyn lies across the pool table, her head over the side as the man fucks her upturned face and pinches her nipples, his balls banging her left chin, his cock tearing into her deep throat, his fingers torturing her nipples, pool balls sinking into her ass, until he shoots sheets of cum over her face, into her nostrils, eyes, hair.

But INSATIABLE II has its own share of hot scenes to match these and other replays. Sandra Chase, in the new movie, has become famous as an actress model with insatiable sexual desires. Enter Juliet Anderson, as a top-ranked if straight laced journalist, chosen to interview her. Juliet is nervous about her assignment, not knowing what to expect from the tempestuous Sandra. But Sandra's PR man Fred (Paul Thomas) soothes her anxiety with some wet promises between her legs.

Problem is that Juliet has two full-grown (and we mean full) daughters, Sheila (the adorable Shanna McCullough) and Valerie, who are at the experimenting stage. While mom is away interviewing Sandra, Sheila and Val start fooling around in her bedroom. They discover a vibrator and wonder whether mom ever uses it. They try it on themselves.

Valerie runs the vibrator over Sheila's ripe, young body, making it shiver and tingle. "Ooh, it feels so tingly... it revives the whole body," says Sheila, as the vibrator snakes into her bush and over her dampening slit. This good-natured girl-play soon leads to some pussy licks as both gals explore each other's luscious flesh. "You taste so good," says Valerie, eating the creamy pie. "Do I taste as good?" Sheila, her mouth full of muff, can only murmur with deep pleasure...

Juliet's in-depth interview with Sandra turns out to be deeper than she ever imagined. The hot-blooded Sandra is soon regaling Juliet with her sexual adventures, which she occasionally acts out.

When the photographer arrives, Sandra goes through the usual poses, then goes down on the photographer and deep-throats his tripod. She talks to the cock, like it was an old buddy, and rubs it head over her hard pink nipples. The photographer zooms into Sandra's snatch, focusing on her clit, and licks the juicy cleft until it seethes and spits. Sandra rewards him by riding his rod with her clean-shaven snatch and mashing his balls with her athletic ass.

Sandra tells Juliet how she lost her cherry, as a teenager, to a pushy young gardner in her father's employ. This is where the cherry-picking scene from the previous movie comes in. The man, with a grudge against the filthy rich, fucks the teenaged Sandra on her father's pool table, banging her against all the balls and fist-fucking her until she screams. He finishes by fucking her face, in the now classic scene.

"You make it sound so natural!" says Juliet, getting damp.

"It IS natural," insists Sandra, going on to discuss her many affairs. "I devote myself to all men - and a lot of women. Have you ever made love to a woman?"

"Of course not!" exclaims Juliet, shocked. "I have two beautiful daughters to think about..."

"Let me arouse you," says Sandra, before describing the bondage games in which she is bound and fucked by the perverse bondage master Jamie Gillis (in another scene from the original INSATIABLE).

Sandra, chained to the monster's cock, eats the monstrous prick while he squeezes her breasts till she bleats. Then (in a classic hot scene) the brut sticks a lighted candle into her snatch. With the hot wax dripping onto her clit, the monster fucks her face, while she chews his bound balls...

Sandra's wild tales makes Juliet's two mouths water. "I want to make love to you - would you teach me?" she begs.

"I thought you'd never ask," says Sandra, going down on the now no longer up-tight Juliet and loosening her further with her tongue. A man handily drops in to make it a three-some, with Juliet eating his cock ('It's been a long time!') while Sandra snacks on her snatch. The man fucks them both, in all their holes, taking his time, in a scene right up Marilyn Chambers' pot.

As for Juliet's daughters at home, they graduate to full-blown cock suckers when agent Paul Thomas drops in to pick up their mother for a date. With mom still away (being sucked and fucked by Sandra and her pals), the girls start to play with Paul's tricky dick.

"This is not right," Paul admonishes them. "I'm going out with your mother... I gotta take a stand!" But his standing cock belies his words and the gals are soon feeding on it like the hungry at a picnic.

Sheila sits on Paul's lap and gives him her cherry, while Valerie licks up on the blended juices from her pussy. INSATIABLE II ends with everyone satisfied, including, no doubt, audiences. Score another hit for Marilyn Chambers, who's cum a long, long way.

(January 1985)

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