Thursday, June 12, 2014

Easy (1978)

It's more than her name, it's her way of life!

Easy isn’t just a nickname. For this gorgeous blonde, spreading her legs is a way of life. In her first starring role, Jesie St. James plays Kate, a sex exuding school teacher who cannot resist her slutty manners or the crowds of men who drool at her feet. Whether it’s sucking off a student after class, being lured into bed at knife point, or leaving a fancy dinner party for a quick screw, Kate craves raw, passionate sex with every breath she inhales.

With excellent appearances by Desiree Cousteau and Mike Horner, Easy is an unforgettable classic.

A young woman's search for love and affection brings her nothing but trouble.

Stars: Jessie St. James Desiree Cousteau Georgina Spelvin Ken Scudder Laurien Dominique

Directed by Anthony Spinelli

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