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Interview: Seka Talks Dirty

The fabulous Seka needs no introduction to fans of porno movies. One of the true superstars of the erotic film industry, she has been called the quintessential pornstar. Her highly charged blonde sexuality is envied by women and lusted after by men. Her films include Blonde Fire, Inside Seka, My Sister Seka, Prisoner of Paradise, Any Time, Any Place, Erotic Interlude, F... and lots of it and Princess Seka.

This writer had been trying to interview Seka for two years, and finally caught up with her a few months ago in San Francisco, where she was making some videos. Our extremely intimate interview was conducted at Trader Vic's Restaurant.

ClassicAdultVideo: You're big box office in the X-rated film and television market, aren't you?

SEKA: I've done a lot of X-rated films and video cassettes. I've been around the block, you might say. The films and video, for the most part, have been good (laughs). There are too many to name... You've probably seen some of them. Do you masturbate watching my films?

CAV: I have... (laughs) Inside Seka was one of my favorites. And do you enjoy masturbation?

SEKA: I enjoyed that film (Inside Seka). Yes, I masturbate. I believe any sexually healthy woman masturbates. You fantasize about your man when he's not around, or about a lover you've never had. I like sticking a big fat dildo up my vagina and fantasizing. It's good for my head. Most of the women I know masturbate, and I bet a whole lot of women masturbate and just don't talk about it. I started masturbating in my early teens. I get fan mail from my men fans, and they say they jack off while or after watching my films. You should read some of my fan mail. It's wild! but that's why I asked if you jacked off (we laugh).

CAV: Do you love to talk dirty, Seka?
SEKA: I love to talk dirty... In the gutter, you know. I think it turns men on. Does it turn you on?

CAV: Coming from you, of course!

SEKA: (laughs) Things have changed a lot in the last ten years or so. Women's liberation. Sexual freedom. So it's ok for a woman to come on sexually with a man. I wouldn't consider it dirty to tell a man, "I want to fuck you!" Why should the man always be the one to break the ice, the one who asks the woman to fuck? Women like to fuck too, so why can't she be the one who asks?

CAV: Do you like to talk dirty while you're fucking?

SEKA: I love to in private life. Like, "Stick that big cock in me deeper!" And then I like to repeat it, and moan a lot - like his prick is hurting me. Men like to think that their cock is long and fat enough to bust out a woman's insides. Sometimes I scream to them, "You're hitting the walls of my pussy! It feels so good!" And the men I've been with will start fucking harder. And I will start yelling, "Harder, harder!" And they will actually do it harder, and it feels so good.

CAV: I had a woman have me tie her to the bedpost, and yell to me to fuck her harder. It only made me insecure. Like I wasn't doing enough.

SEKA: Did it really? Your woman must not have been into sex. I really am enjoying myself, because I enjoy sex. I enjoy sex - whatever the size of a man's penis, whatever his energy, or even if I'm not into a man, or he's not into me. My work in porn has made me a sexual professional. Of course, I'm not into a sexual relationship with any of my screen lovers except at work. It's fun work, and it has made me enjoy sex more than I did before. So when I have a private fuck, I know what I'm doing, so not only do I say the word, but I'm sure my lovers feel my pleasure with the sex act.

CAV: Do you also like to talk dirty on screen?

SEKA: I love to talk dirty on screen! To men and women lovers. Whether I'm fucking in private or on screen, I get hotter when the men or women I'm doing it with know that I'm really into the act. And one of my better qualities is that I'm sincere. I love fucking, and my sincerity and love for what I'm doing comes through to my lover, whether it's a man or woman. They know I'm having fun, and that I feel good making love to them.

CAV: That comes through in your films.

SEKA: That's what people in the porn industry tell me. And they keep using me in film and video, so the public must think so too. And my fans who write to me through my producers think I'm a real "down-home" girl. At least that's what one "insider" said was my image to the public. I kind of like that, because I am a real down-home girl. But I'm sexy too.

CAV: I think so (laughter). Do you like to make love to women?

SEKA: I've always liked girls. I had my first affair with a girl when I was in my teens. It was a warm relationship... not just sex. But you might say it turned me on to women. So I've always loved having sex with girls.

CAV: I know you do it on screen, but do you make love to women off screen?

SEKA: Of course! Like I said, I love women. I get turned by big breasts, and sucking pussy, and getting sucked on. But afterwards, I like a hard prick in me, filling me up. My favorite orgy is me, another woman, and a man. I love that orgy situation.

CAV: Describe what would happen in that orgy.

SEKA: I like to get raunchy. You said you saw Inside Seka. Remember the scene when I am sucking the chick, and this man is sticking his hard cock into her pussy, and she is sucking me? That's one for the 69! Then let his soft penis come down in my face an let me suck his cum. Wasn't that a great cum-shot?

CAV: It was! (laughter) Do you think that cum-shots are demeaning?

SEKA: I was just telling you that I like a cum-shot in the face on screen or in private. Of course I don't think cum-shots are demeaning. This is what I call the perfect orgy. Then after the sixty-nine, I'd like a daisy chain. I'm sucking the other chick's pussy, and the dude is sticking me doggie-style in my pussy.

CAV: What about your ass?

SEKA: Okay, my ass. Then I do an around-the-world, sucking everything from the dude's nuts to his toes, to his butthole, while he screws her. Now that I think about it, I'd rather get stuck in the pussy than the ass.

CAV: Most pornstars I talk to feel that to be stuck in the ass is uncomfortable, but they will do it for the money - at least some of them. Do you really like getting stuck in the ass?

SEKA: If you've ever done it, you know it depends on the woman.

CAV: That's right. I think that's why I stayed with the chick who did it with me the longest. She loved it (laughter).

SEKA: I love it. But you must remember it's masochistic, and if I am going to be a masochist, I want the man to be someone who I really want to dominate me. I've only felt that way about tone man up to now. That's my ex-husband Ken. That might change any day, and I've seen men who I might want to replace him in my life.

CAV: I've never thought of it that way. I want to get raunchy. I saw Georgina Spelvin get pissed in her mouth once on the screen. Would you do that?

SEKA: You are getting raunchy (laughs). Why not? But there's that domination thing again. I have to want the man to dominate me. But if a producer asked me to do it, the ham in me would come out. I might do it just to be thought of as a sex queen. That's big to me, you know. It's not just the money - although I get good money. And the work is fun, but tough: long hours, sweating before the cameras, doing sex. It drains you physically and emotionally. But after a film or video or still photo shooting, I'm ready to do something else. That's the ham in me. I love being thought of as the Marilyn Monroe of the X-rated business.

CAV: What's the most erotic thing you've done in your private life?

SEKA: I guess when I used to swing with my ex-husband Ken. I love swapping sex partners and orgies with other people. Yeah, I guess that was the most erotic experience of my private life.

CAV: How did you get into the porn industry?

SEKA: I owned a porn bookstore with my ex-husband. He suggested that I get into the adult movie industry as an actress. We came out to Los Angeles and we looked for jobs, and that's how I got my start in the industry. But Ken and I were already swinging and orgying back when we had the bookstore.

CAV: Where do you live now?

SEKA: I live in Chicago now. I've lived there for the last couple of years. I like the people and the city. And of course, I needed a change of scenery after my divorce from Ken a couple of years ago. So I went to Chicago, and I've stayed. Although I travel all around the country doing films.

CAV: What do you prefer in a man - size of penis, or energy?

SEKA: I prefer somebody who knows what he is doing. I must tell you, though, the first time I saw that huge dong of Johnny Holmes coming at me, I got scared. But it felt good once inside of me. But it's not really large size, but whether you know what you're doing or not in bed.

CAV: Do you feel that you do so much X-rated film and video that you might be over-exposed?

SEKA: I don't think so. When the public starts getting tired of Seka, it will show at the box-office, and that hasn't happened yet. My films still are making money, and video with me is continually being shown. This thing about being over-exposed is no problem to me. When the public stops buying tickets, and the critics no longer like your work, then it's time to slow down. But that's a natural thing. So in answer to your question: no, I don't think I'm being over-exposed. I'm happy that I get this much exposure in the X-rated business, although sometimes I wish I was getting some exposure in the "legitimate" film industry.

CAV: Do you feel that most pornstars are frustrated legitimate actors?

SEKA: I think it goes both ways. A lot of legitimate actors might want to be pornstars, but maybe the image is not accepted that well yet, or maybe the money and exposure is better in legitimate acting. And I know a lot of porn actors would like to do mainstream film and television, because of the money and wider exposure.

CAV: So it works both ways.

SEKA: Exactly, but I would have to say, all in all, the porn industry has been good to me. Look how many pretty and sexy girls out here are just looking for work - I mean in porn. I have no complaints. And Marilyn Chambers has made the crossover to legitimate, in a sense, with her sex soap opera for cable television. So I think it might be possible for me. But coming now - I mean already here - is the age of big-budget porn films and video. We're coming into many more houses with cable television and video cassettes.

CAV: What haven't you done in sex that you wish you could do?

SEKA: Make love in an airplane! You know, in the toilet on a smooth ride. And have him stick me while I'm up-side the cabin wall. That's what I want to do!

(January 1984)

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