Thursday, August 14, 2014

Too Naughty to Say No (1985)


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Stars: Angel, Ginger Lynn, Cody Nicole, Lisa De Leeuw, Raven, Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis

That's basically what happens in Suze Randall's latest blood and cooze-boiling epic TOO NAUGHTY TO SAY NO, which Suze (rhymes with cooze) describes as "a randy irreverent account of a convent pupil's adventures in the netherworld of perversion and prostitution..." The movie is all of that - almost!!!

The beautiful young convent girl - played appropriately by newcummer Angel, is in the convent garden preparing for her school finals under the supervision of Sister Rose (Lisa De Leeuw in another delicious role). With her is naughty fellow pupil Ginger Lynn, who can't keep her eyes off the sexy black gardener. When Lisa takes Ginger off for her confession with fat Father John (Michael Morrison), Angel tickles her cloistered cunt and daydreams about the real meaning of the Biblical word "begat" which is the subject of her lesson. Angel is suddenly awakened by the sound of the honking horn. She discovers that Ginger has been transformed into a hot-to-trot hooker who has a date with a sleazy sex maniac (Jamie Gillis). Thinking that Angel is another hooker ('I like your outfit - very original'), Gillis invites her for the ride - and angel is soon plunged cunt-deep into a series of nightmarish adventures.

Angel, still in convent clothes, watches fascinated as Jamie does shocking things with Ginger's fat twat. Gillis then switches his tongue to Ginger's spicy asshole - "Tastes good - ever try this?" he asks Angel. "Is that begat?" asks the fascinated innocent, getting wet, as Gillis follows tongue with cock up Ginger's ass.
"No, it's buggery," says Gillis, fucking furiously in Ginger's rear hole. Angel can't help but rub her sodden crotch and twiddle her tits. Ginger helps by sticking a dildo into the convent girl's twat - even as Gillis probes deeper into Ginger's ass and finger fucks her cunt. Then he pulls out and shoots his wad over her gingerbread bum. As the sperm hits Ginger's buns - Angel cums, for the first time in her life. (At the same time, in a masterly touch, Gillis sucks on a rubber tit, preferring it to the real thing!) From there Angel - and to some extent the movie - goes rapidly downhill, as the convent girl is plunged further into depravity.

The movie, we might mention, is "based on characters by the Marquis de Sade." But unfortunately what, with a little imagination, could have been a classic erotic movie in the Sadean mold turns out to be a pale if still perverse shadow of the Sade's world. Still, it's erotic enough tot hold your attention, if not your cock. Most of this bawdy irreverent action takes place in a brothel where Gillis and ginger take Angel (still thinking she's a hooker) to further her education. Who is the Madam by Sister Rose, who has undergone a similar transformation as Ginger. In order to initiate her into the lusty rights of her establishment, Madame Rose has Angel watch a black pimp (the transformed convent gardener) "auditioning" a girl in bed. "Kiss me bitch!" orders the pimp, banging the blonde girl's ass, his jet black balls banging her shell-pink pussy. Then he jets his pearly white sperm over her rosy tits and red punk-dyed hair.

Angel's next role is a seething blonde (newcummer Stevie Taylor) who is being whipped and ravished by two masked madmen. The madmen lash her ass and fuck her tits, then cum all over her seething body... As Angel peeps, Madame Rose feels her fuming pussy. "Hmmm, nice and wet... Now it's time for your initiation, my dear..." Leashing Angel, Madame Rose begins auctioning her to four depraved perverts. "The flesh of a young girl..." she offers, lifting Angel's flimsy gown and displaying her complexion. "It's so soft you can eat it with a spoon! What am I bid?"

"God's balls, what a beauty!" exclaims Bishop John (the convent's Father John gone wrong) rubbing his gross cock under his hassock. He is outbid by a corrupt senator (Eric Edwards) who now occupies the seat in a blonde's cushiony ass. As Angel displays her wares, opening her virgin wedge, caressing her tits and shaking her heavenly ass, the perverted bidders are spurred to orgiastic depravity with other women in the house. A masked girl sucks off the senator while a demented Hollywood director makes it with a harlot-starlet. A large blonde, meanwhile, has got Bishop John's fat member in her mouth, deep throating it as he recites a bawdy litany.

The highest bid comes from Colonel Vice, a sadistic Nazi general, who wants to occupy Angel's ass... However Angel takes a dislike to her Nazi buyer and escapes down a rope or knotted bed sheets. she is pursued by the black pimp, ravished by two corrupt cops and seduced by a mad flasher with such fury she expires from ecstasy.

We next see Angel lying in a coffin, apparently dead, in a funeral parlor. The mortician (played with mad drama by Harry Reems) lifts the corpse out of the coffin, strips her and fucks her back to life again. "Beyond death's door, gone... But not too far gone for me!" quips Reems, shooting his wad into Angel's heavenly ass. But there's more to cum as Angel wakes up on a heap of trash under an enormous full moon and is rescued by a vampirish Roxanne, who turns out to be yet another sex maniac.

In the movie's eerie climax, Roxanne sucks the juice off Angel's cunt and licks her asshole inside a locked car. Outside, five punked-out weirdos watch and masturbate, then climax all over the car's windows... the movie's most original scene. Angel wakes up in the convent garden once more in the prim school uniform. Yes, it was all just a dream... except this time Father John, with a knowing smile, is waiting for Angel to make her confession. And, if you have the erotic endurance, you might want to watch this movie all over again.

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