Sunday, August 17, 2014

That Lucky Stiff (1979)


Ron Hudd lucks out when he meets Candida Royalle and Samantha Fox in a massage parlor and they fall for him. But his buddy Randy West is even luckier - the bank's computer makes an error and his $300 becomes $300,000.

Randy runs off to Switzerland, France, and Germany, but his fortune doesn't last. A farmer's boy daughter blackmails him with a phony charge; a Parisian hooker and her bell-boy pimp rob him while he's tied up in an S&M scene; two women kidnappers get what's left. But Randy manages to wind up happily with Kelly Nichols in this Maturpix release produced and directed by Chuck Vincent.

Starring Candida Royalle, Kelly Nichols, Samantha Fox, Robyn Byrd, Kandi Barbour, Merle Michaels, Randy West and Ron Jeremy

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