Friday, August 15, 2014

Bon Appétit (1980)

"The best and most ambitious porn movie ever made!"- GENESIS


Starring : Kelly Nichols, Samantha Fox, Gloria Leonard, Kandi Barbour, Randy West, Merle Michaels

Directed by Chuck Vincent

When you saw her in the X-rater BON APPETIT, that started a totally new style of erotic film production, you no doubt felt more than a mild shock. The pictures you'd seen of her in the top men's magazines like Penthouse and Chic, Club, Pub and High Society had very suddenly come to life. And what a life!

You were watching a motion picture. One that made you sit very erect in your set. But you were watching a superb actress doing just that - acting. In no way were you being given any insight to the true-life Kelly Nichols.

In the film, which was shot on a fantastic budget in Rome, Paris, Milan, Las Vegas and on our own west coast locations, you saw Kelly making love to ten different men. The sex scenes were done for the camera, for the money, for the challenge - but in her private life, Kelly Nichols does not go from man to man with such erotic exuberance.

Quite candidly, she states that BON APPETIT may be her first and last appearance on the adult screen. She made the film. She is happy with it. But to do it all over again...

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She is not your typical, totally uninhibited screen superstar. As a tight-lipped virgin, she attended eight years of parochial school, followed by a year in an all-female high school, followed by a mad impulse to go to Hollywood and be a commercial model. To say that she did well in front of the still camera would be quite an understatement. You've seen her pictures. But Kelly found the rat race associated with 'show business' not at all to her liking.
She had no agent. She viewed the casting couch with distaste, she turned a deaf ear to the bull-shit, she saw right through the polished veneer of the suave Hollywood 'personalities' who offered to give her a boost up the ladder.

Why would such a beautiful girl, with such off-camera reserve, agree to be starred in a film that would show her spreading for ten different studs?

When Kelly read the script and talked with the producers and came to appreciate their high-budget, high-gloss approach to film making, she realized she was being given an opportunity to do something completely different in front of cameras that would see her with the European approach to sex-on-the-screen. The challenge inherent in being the fore-runner of a new trend of erotic films was too great to pass up.

Foreign-produced films have long been characterized by the weaving of explicit sex scenes into the fabric of excellent, believable stories. Being offered bundles of money, travel, excitement, and the chance to star in a film of the type she had long admired made her sign the contract.

You have seen the result. BON APPETIT is a trend-setter that will be hard to top. Now, on these pages, Kelly Nichols is frozen in hot motion - in exotic camera views that encourage you to appreciate the sexy beauty of a super-star who was cast in a different mold.

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