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Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981) REMASTERED FROM THE 35mm NEGATIVE!

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Annie Sprinkle, the most sensational porn star of all time, exposes herself entirely in this hot movie. A must see and a must have movie!

Starring Annie Sprinkle, Lisa Be, Heather Young, Judy Bilodeau, Mal O'Ree, Lee Starr, Sassy, Barbara Miller, Sheisa Jones, Bunny Hatton, Ron Jeremy, Roger Ram, Jake Teague, Buddy Hatton, Ron Hudd, Marc Vanelntine, Mike Filene, Michael Gaunt

As a relatively young girl from Evergreen Avenue, Downhome, U.S.A., the shenanigans and gambols of the legendary Annie Sprinkle quite frankly blow me away. She is without a doubt the kinkiest girl in town, but she does it with such innocence, such artlessness, that you can't help but like her, no matter how wacky you might think her predilections are. Her openness and candor, together with her talent, make her, undeniably, the Queen of Kink.

Annie admits enjoying all of the most controversial sexual acts imaginable; if it's different, she has to try it at least once. "She is a dirty girl," the producer of "Inside Annie Sprinkle" told me. "She is absolutely wonderful to work with; she is bright, intelligent, and always on the go. After a long day of filming, I'd want to go home, read the paper, watch a little t.v.; Annie would be wanting to go checking out new kinds of dildos, restraints, taking cabs all over town looking for this stuff until I was ready to collapse." I would imagine that there are few people who could compete with Annie Sprinkle's energy level.

So, back to the point about why Annie Sprinkle is so popular. I mentioned her bluntness, her honesty. Then, there is her voluptuous body and innocent, girl-next-door face. Annie's greatest talent, though, is comedy. She is the Lily Tomlin of porn, not only because they look like carbon copies of one another, (except the tits!) but because their wisecracking brand of humor is so similar. "Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle" is not an especially funny film, though. "I forgot to put humor into the movie," Annie told me. She realized it was only as an afterthought, and regretted it. I reassured her, telling her that the movie didn't need humor, as it had so much else going for it. However, it would certainly be nice to have a funny, candid, libertine film from Annie - let's hope that  one will soon be on its way.

Annie's previous movies include "Jack and Jill," "Teenage Deviates," "Ecstacy in Blue," "Slippery When Wet," and Gerry Damiano's "Satisfiers of Alpha Blue." There is also another interesting Damiano film in the works now, a completely spontaneous undertaking that apparently began at one of Annie's wild soirees. This is a woman who will not let herself be bored, and who looks for enjoyment in everything she does. It's no wonder that many people feel strongly about her; she's a person whom loyalties spring up around like flies to tar paper.

I talked to Annie about her film last night by way of Ma Bell. She was in Chicago, doing her famous Strip-Speak at the Oak Theater. Strip-Speak, as you might have guessed, is a slow striptease which utilizes speech as a vehicle for further arousal. "Do you like my pussy?" Annie croons as she removes her panties. "I'll bet you'd like to make me come." This talking goes on through out the length of the film, and epitomizes one of Annie's outstanding contributions to erotic art: audience involvement. "Some of those guys can't take it," Annie said, "they really feel like I'm talking right to them." And she is! In fact, if you didn't know this, now is an appropriate time to tell you; Annie has been notorious for going into theaters where her movies are playing, sliding up to her unexpecting viewers, and administering blow jobs. Can you just imagine the look on a guy's face when he's watching the screen, his dick is getting hard just thinking about Annie, and the next thing you know she is right there, with that very dick entrenched in her mouth.

Annie loves her audience in very real, tangible ways, as you can see, and that's how the premise for "Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle" came about. Annie felt that some of the previous "Deep Inside" films have been somewhat less than scrupulously honest, and it bothered her. She wanted her film to be honest, real, and about her. After all, that's what people are paying their money for: To see Annie Sprinkle. So, all the "fake bullshit" is gone from the film, and all the actors play themselves. Unlike most other porn films which have extensive dialogue and therefore must be very careful about timing and speech, "Deep Inside" has no dialogue at all and very little talking. The only talking is at the beginning of each scene, where Annie sets the scene up for the audience to understand what follows. She talks right to the audience in the film, in the same way  that she utilizes Strip-Speak.

Basically, "Deep Inside" is a film about what turns Annie Sprinkle on. Luckily for us, what turns her on is varied, illuminating, and always entertaining. The atmosphere the film creates is intimate and cozy, starting off in front of an open fire with Annie showing us her baby pictures and family albums. This is a touch of whimsy that works very well and is quite successful in detracting from the "kinky girl" stereotype. People seem to feel that anyone participating in any activity considered au rebours is necessarily incapable of simple human emotions. How can someone enjoy a sunrise, cream cheese on a bagel, or a trip to see great grandma at the nursing home when, just the other night, they were inserting fists up someone's ass, or pissing on someone, or getting gangbanged at the Hellfire club? Well, that notion is a load of bologna, and a really cheap kind of bologna at that. Even within the porn world, there is some kind of resentment and hostility for the kinds of things Annie Sprinkle does, and a feeling that it is demeaning to the "truly artistic aspect of erotic art." Bunk and Bullshit!

There is as much poetry and beauty in Annie's Golden Shower sequence in this film than in any other scene I've witnessed lately. It's kinky, if that's what you want to call it, but it's also very soft and sensual. Many confirmed, anti-piss bigots will be won over by the sensitive handling of this scene. Even as a novice, I felt quite intrigued by the whole thing, and was surprised by the equanimity with which i accepted it.

Since I've mentioned it, I might as well tell you about the Golden Shower scene in "Deep Inside." As in every scene, Annie introduces it by telling us, the audience, what she likes. "If a guy starts eating my pussy," Annie tells her audience, "soon it gets full of pussy juice." "I didn't want to say piss, so I said pussy juice instead." After she has told the audience what she has in mind, we witness a scene between Annie and real-life lover, Mal O'Ree, who also did a Golden Shower scene with her in "Alpha Blue." Since there is a good deal of felling there, and since the couple has had a lot of practice at home, it is obvious to the viewer that nothing is being faked. Mal is a built, blonde football captain type, who responds to Annie's talents with great receptivity. While Mal is lying down on his back, Annie trickles a little "pussy juice" on to his chest and into his mouth. Then, she squats over his cock, and fucks him a while, withdrawing to saturate his body with more pussy juice. Mal is very excited as her molten flow pours over his body, and starts feverishly playing with his cock, until he comes as she pisses some more. Appropriately, Annie is attired in a yellow corset and yellow stocking throughout the whole scene. This (scene) may be a bit difficult for some of you to swallow, but it didn't seem too punishing for Mal, let me tell you.

I was a bit perplexed as to why Annie was the giver only in this scene, and not the receiver of a golden shower herself. She mentioned that while it is not as difficult to get by the censors with a woman pissing on a man, it was suicidal to show a scene of a man pissing on a woman - that would be considered sexual abuse and violation of women's rights. That kind of attitude strikes me as the worst form of double standard. If tow people want to piss on each other, what on earth difference does their gender make? How can it be more acceptable to piss on men than on women? But what do I know; I'm just a small town girl from Downhome.

"The masturbation scene captures the best orgasm I ever had," Annie told me wistfully. She had borrowed a special vibrator from a friend, the only vibrator that makes her come. Looking into the camera the whole time she is massaging her clit with the vibrator, she invites the audience to jerk themselves off as they watch her. This is probably the most personal scene in the movie, the one with the most interplay between Annie and her viewer, the one where she talks directly to you as she masturbates. When she comes, she actually squirts from her clit for real, and it is captured on camera. This phenomenon is a very rare one, but it certainly does exist, and it is of little surprise to me that Annie should have been blessed with this natural talent.

Another wonderful scene involves Annie with seven other women, most of whom had never done a porn film. One of them, in fact, was a friend of Annie's who  just came down to the set that day to watch the filming and ended up getting caught up in the gigantic daisy chain. Lisa Be is the most prominent member of the coterie of femininity, who apparently thoroughly relished the scene. It is rare to see a scene about women loving each other which is both horny and sensitively done. This scene is definitely both, and its made more interesting because so many of the girls had never done a porn flick before, and were ready to go.

Ass lovers are not forgotten in "Deep Inside." "I tried to include something for everyone," the kindhearted Annie whispered. A whole scene is devoted to asses, with Annie luxuriously lolling her tong in and out of her swain's ass, and then inserting a finger up his crack. When I expressed some petulance about why she didn't use an ample sized dildo on him, she laughed! I think Annie Sprinkle thinks that I'm kinky now! Anyway, Annie gladly receives his full mast into her rear port of entry, completing a simmering, powerful scene.

This movie has so many good scenes that I can't decide which to tell you about. There's the opening scene, where Annie tells the audience about her desire for musclemen - a desire which is immediately gratified. Or, there is a segment devoted to BIG BREASTS. Some of Annie's closest, big boobed girl friends people this scene, with Ron Jeremy's cock getting a good tit fucking. One of the girls, Judy Bilodeau, is really crazy about BIG BREASTS, and this scene was the fulfillment of her fantasy. She goes wild in the mountains and valleys and peaks before her like Magellan upon the rounding the Cape of Good Hope. Judy navigates her way through the billowy, pillowy mounds, and ends up having R.J. deposit a load of come all over her own gorgeous tits. Or, I could talk for some length about the threesome Annie does with Bunny and Buddy Hatton, newcomers to the world of adult cinema. No, I should tell you about a very nice, important scene: the straight sex scene, where Annie tells the audience that despite all the hype, despite her offbeat proclivities, what she lies best is nice, simple lovemaking in the old fashioned way. Yes, that is very important ot remember; just because somebody learns some new languages of love, doesn't mean they give up their native language does, it?

"Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle" is a hot film with an interesting premise. If nothing else, learning anything about this woman be a delight, because she is fascinating, courageous, and delightfully liberated from inhibitions and sexual typecasting. I wouldn't go so far as to say that all of us should be like Annie Sprinkle, and since everyone has peculiarities and desires of their own to explore, but all of us could certainly take a lesson from Annie in doing what feels good, risking a little, and chancing to discover something about yourself that you formerly thought of as "kinky" or "bizarre". Who knows; you might find yourself liking it! Watch the Re-Mastered "Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle" In Our Theater

(November 1981)

Pressbook Marketing Text (1981)

ANNIE SPRINKLE, the most sensational porn star of all time, exposes herself entirely in her hot new movie.

Annie tells us her true story. We relive her experiences as she develops into the voluptuous Venus she is today. We see Annie working out with two rippling musclemen and Annie with her favorite girlfriend. The scene with Annie and the seven sleeping beauties is the pajama party you wish you'd had in High School.

This movie features talent never before seen on the adult screen. The new faces bring a freshness to scene after scene of erotic escapades.

Annie's desires and experiences are unique. She bathes the screen with a golden glow. Fans of Annie Sprinkles have always known her special talents. Now everyone can see them and share them in this ultimate adult performance.

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