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Vista Valley PTA (1981)

Sin In The Suburbs

Starring: Jessie St. James, Dorothy LeMay, Desiree West, Kay Parker, Juliet Anderson, Sharon Cane, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Dewey Alexander, Howie Gannon and Ham Easton

When you've seen as many fuck films as I have, you begin to realize it'll be a rare day before a producer is able to come up with a solid story line you haven't already seen.

Never before in adult films has a main plot been treated with such care and intelligence as it is in "VISTA VALLEY P.T.A." It is a sensual erotic wheel, spun by the talented writer-director Anthony Spinelli, who once again weaves his magic spell with a star-studded cast including Jessie St. James, John Leslie, Juliet Anderson, Jamie Gillis and a bevy of sensational newcomers.

All of the torrid sex scenes are terrific and hot. Ms. St. James proves to be the most talented, beautiful and sexy lady to hit the erotic screen since Georgina Spelvin.

Producer Bernardo Speinelli has created a highly successful and contemporary piece of filmmaking with "P.T.A." In the tradition of "PEYTON PLACE", Vista takes us into the depths of the heartlands, bedrooms and school days of suburban America. As the film opens, we meet Ms. Martin, (Jessie St. James) a newcomer in town, as she begins her job as the new special school administrator of Vista Valley High.

Stopping at a gas station for directions, she is informed by Davis, (John Leslie) that there have already been two rapes, and a teacher was beaten at the school. Unnerved, the sexy Ms. Martin boldly replies, "Don't worry about those kids, I'll handle them."

Meanwhile, in the school parking lot, Dorothy LeMay and Dewey Alexander are getting it on orally. Le May performs fellatio with her velvety, moist tongue and juicy lips savoring every last drop from Dewey's throbbing prick.

Next we experience the first P.T.A. meeting, where we get to meet some of the parents and their problems (via flashbacks). First we view a staunch father (Jamie Gillis) who is with a voluptuous black hooker (Desiree West). She taunts and teases him until his hot juicy jism explodes over her lovely ebony mouth. She uses all of her sexual talents, and leaves him drained and limp.

At this point, the scene gives us a brief character study of the feisty father who turns into a religious fanatic, shouting death and damnation, until Ms. West throws him out. This scene contains high voltage verbal and bizarre sexual satisfaction.

Jamie arrives home to find his daughter (Dorothy LeMay) in her bedroom, half nude. While he berates her for not wearing a bra, he passionately delivers a mini-sermon of 'fire and brimstone' as he continues to gently caress her soft skin, then has sex with her. The scene is skillfully handled with emphasis on a daughter and father's usual relationship.

Mr. Gillis proves once again why he won the Best Erotic Acting Award for 1980. He surely does possess a unique quality of role playing that is not so easy to achieve while sexually engaged.

At this point, the film subplots begin to expose the Vista Valley parent's scorching sexual needs. As Ms. Martin continues her discussion, we see Judy (Juliet Anderson) in bed with Davis (John Leslie). Judy's daughter, after peeping on their climax, coyly asks, "Was my mother good, Mr. Davis"? There is no guilt nor shame expressed as mother, daughter, and Davis enjoy the delights of a menage-a-trois. This scene is hot and erotic, without being overly offensive.

Ms. Anderson, a porn actress with quite a few features (and many loops under the name "Aunt Peg") to her credit turns in a superior performance. She's also good when it comes to sucking cock and fucking.

Next day in class, Jessie is embarrassed by Greg (Dewey Alexander) who blatantly gives a report with sexual overtones. She expels him from the class.

Greg, seeking revenge, sets a trap for Jessie. He calls her and apologizes. She accepts. Next he charms her and lures her to his apartment for some advice on decorating. Again, she accepts. Once there, she realizes it was a trap, as Greg makes sexual advances.

Now the P.T.A. fathers join in on the "gang bang". Despite the weird circumstances, Jessie submits and actually enjoys the sexual debauchery. This scene is highly dramatic and powerful - right down to the last steaming orgasm.

I'm not about to give away the film's semi-surprise twist ending. "VISTA" is a rare and stunning film. Each scene is ingenious in its conception. The film displays a wealth of technical skill and talent, along with a brilliant script.

It is obvious Mr. Spinelli is working hard at improving the general quality of X-raters. This film stands out as an exception in the genre of personal eroticism.

(February 1981)

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